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Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond made from sexual assault charges

The 65-year-old was acquitted on 12 charges, although the other charge wasn’t proven — that under Scottish law efficiently means not guilty.

The conclusion of the jury — that deliberated for about six hours followed a two-week trial in the high court in Edinburgh.

The situation has dominated Scottish politics and been a serious embarrassment to the judgment Scottish National Party (SNP).

Speaking outside the courtroom after the verdict, Salmond said he had stated he had faith in the court system in Scotland, which was”bolstered now”.

The nine girls he had been accused of attacking have been Scottish authorities or SNP officials. A number of the alleged assaults have been said to have happened at the first minister’s official home.

A significant figure on the political period for a long time, he also took Scotland into the verge of liberty from the U.K. by holding a 2014 referendum on break. He resigned as leader following the”stay” side won the vote 55 percent to 45 percent.