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Former UK most Desired man found guilty of 37 charges Such as rape of women and children

Serial rapist Joseph McCann was found guilty on Friday of all 37 fees at his trial from Old Bailey, the London court advised Euronews, including rapes against women and children, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and kidnapping.

McCann will be sentenced on Monday, the court included.

McCann became the UK’s most wanted man last spring when he moved on a criminal rampage between April 20 and May 5, traveling the country to assault a dozen victims in knifepoint.

The indictment document, found by Euronews, details a number of the dreadful abuse suffered by those he abducted.

Earlier this year, the UK Ministry of Justice admitted that McCann should still have been in jail for past violent offenses when he committed these crimes but had been published by mistake by police.

The situation is very likely to ignite a political debate about imprisonment and the justice system, just a week following a terror assault was dedicated near London Bridge by a man who had profited from early release.