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Four Brexit Party MEPs Step to back Johnson per week before election

Four Brexit Party MEPs are set to Step at a Movement to Encourage Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Only a week before a snap election in the United Kingdom.

In a statement published on Thursday, celebration leader Nigel Farage voiced his disappointment and refused Brexit Party candidates were serving Labour to win.

“Whilst we are disappointed that four of our MEPs do not appear to understand we saved the Conservative party from large scale declines to the Liberal Democrats from the South and South West of England but we’re also beating the Labour Leave vote from its traditional heartlands making it a lot easier for the Conservatives to win a lot of these seats,” Farage said.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, among those MEPs who are stopping the party, said in a statement:

“We want a solid Leave-supporting authorities to supply the Brexit 17.4m voted for. The Conservatives are the only alternative for Brexit fans and Democrats alike.”

A Brexit celebration spokesman downplayed the resignations, linking them into the MEP’s relations with Cabinet members.

“We also notice that among those MEPs is that the sister of a Cabinet Minister, yet another has a spouse who works in the workplace of the same Cabinet Minister and another is a personal friend of the two Boris Johnson and Michael Gove,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman also bashed among those stopping MEPs for changing positions.

“In the event of John Longworth, that had been for decades the firmest urge of WTO withdrawal that we’ve ever met, ” he underwent a metamorphosis to being a supporter of this new EU treaty after two weeks of meetings in London. We expect that Mr Longworth is nicely rewarded for his activities.”