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Four Men Detained with 54 kgs of Marijuana in Gurugram

The authorities stated that two of those guys procured bud from Odisha and arrived in the city at a truck. The guys were detained from HSVP marketplace following the authorities obtained a tip-off. The authorities have seized a car, a bike, and about 54 kilograms of marijuana.

Based on the authorities, the incident happened on Saturday about 4.20pm, following the authorities were advised that two guys in Sector 46 were attempting peddle marijuana.

“We had the information that the guys were searching for providers. We formed a group of police officers to raid the area. After we reached that point, we found a truck position. Another man was at the bottom of this truck. He had been handing over a snowy gunny bag to 2 other guys on a bike,” a police officer mentioned in the FIR. He added that the authorities detained two of the suspects, Govind and Sonu, who had been on the bike when they allegedly attempted to flee the place using all the gunny bag. The guys who had been inside the truck, Sahu and Pradhan, were arrested

There was still another gunny bag full of marijuana at the bottom of this truck.

The authorities said that throughout the analysis, Sahu and Pradhan disclosed they supposedly procured the medication from the woods of Odisha. Govind and Sonu, both of whom are located in town, were drug peddlers.

Shubash Boken, spokesperson, town man stated, “The authorities have detained all four of those suspects. During interrogation, they stated they marketed the medication for approximately Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000 a kilogram. They’ve been running this company for the last calendar year.

The authorities are investigating the situation.” The authorities said that the detained men were made before the court on Sunday and sent to judicial custody.