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France commits more troops to fight jihadist threat in Sahel Area

France is sending tens of thousands more troops into the Sahel to reinforce its forces from the African area in the struggle against jihadists.

Emmanuel Macron made the statement in a summit on combating with the escalating jihadist threat in the area, which followed a service at the southern French town of Pau, in which he and West African heads of nations paid tribute to French soldiers murdered in Mali.

Emmanuel Macron had predicted the summit West African leaders after a helicopter crash last November that killed 13 French soldiers at Mali near the Niger border. This was France’s worst military loss in almost four decades.

The summit was originally scheduled to happen in December but has been postponed because of an attack that claimed the lives of 71 Nigerien soldiers.

The summit was preserved even as Niger confronted the deadliest strike of its kind in years on Sunday: 89 soldiers had been murdered in the Chinegodar camp, near Mali.

The Pau summit aimed to examine the military plan against jihadists and to call for greater involvement by global allies.

Pau is also the town where seven of those French soldiers that died were established.

“This Pau Summit is a significant moment after exactly what our nations have suffered. I need to get a notion for those civilians, French soldiers we have honored them now – and G5 Sahel soldiers that fell in the battle against jihadism. I understand the cost paid by people who lose their blood,” that the French President tweeted.

Paris was anticipating this summit to lead to a joint announcement from G5 Sahel in an endeavor to re-legitimize the French functioning in the area.

A million people demonstrated in Bamako to require the withdrawal of foreign and French troops to continue Friday.

In reaction to this growth of the anti-French feeling, G5 leaders have voiced”the desire for the continuation of France’s military involvement from the Sahel” at a media release.

Macron stated he expected”to have the ability to convince President Trump the struggle against terrorism is playing in this area and the Libyan case can’t be separated in the situation in the Sahel and the Lake Chad area”. He talked of the probability of”proliferation of terrorism” in case it fails.

France is also in the process of preparing an operation referred to as”Tacuba”, bringing together special forces by a dozen European nations.

In the close of the summit, Emmanuel Macron declared that the shipment of 220 added soldiers into the Sahel to fortify the French army forces of Operation”Barkhane”, which counts 4,500 guys who struggle jihadists in the area.

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