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France opens Displaced self-isolation Centers amid coronavirus pandemic

France’s Ministry of Housing has been launching two isolation centers in Paris to appeal to the town’s displaced because the coronavirus lockdown enters its second moment.

The initiative will be expanded over France, together with the government intending to open 1 center in each area, with various centers in larger areas.

More than 80 sites throughout the nation have been selected by the government for today, using a total of 2,875 accessible areas.

“Access to the centers will be determined according to medical information” the ministry stated.

The Occitanie area in southwestern France said on Wednesday it would instantly open a center in Toulouse, together with 50 areas, from Wednesday night.

It added that the other centers with 40 areas would start in the area before the end of the week.

Considering that the French government took strong steps to apply self-isolation for most French taxpayers on Tuesday, charities supporting the homeless have needed to prevent much of the outreach work, such as food banks and shelters.

Also, he stated that groups do not have sufficient security masks.

Approximately 157,000 people are housed in homeless shelters that are French.

The French authorities declared on Sunday that the conclusion of this”winter truce”, through which nobody could be requested to leave their present accommodation, was postponed until 31 May.

It had been formerly to finish on 31 March.

“Housing centers must remain open to maintain offering accommodation for people in precarious conditions,” the ministry stated.