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Franky Zapata fails in Effort to cross the English Channel with’flyboard’

Last updated on August 28, 2019

French inventor Franky Zapata has neglected his attempt to cross the English Channel on his jet-powered hoverboard afterward he chased a landing platform mounted onto a ship where he had been intended to refuel, a part of his specialized team has stated.

The collapse didn’t hurt him.

“We practiced this maneuver heaps of times in warmer seas, using platforms which transferred more, with no issues,” the tech said.

“It was not the end; it had been the waves.” The stage was two meters over the deck; each motion of the ship is exaggerated.”

On Thursday afternoon he put away from Sangatte about the north French coast in an attempt to fly to Dover from the United Kingdom. He had been planning to cross the station in about 20 minutes. He had been operating at 140 mph at an elevation of between 15 to 20 meters.