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French Authorities to Proceed with pension reform despite nationwide Hit

As unions from the nation scheduled another nationwide strike for Tuesday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the authorities would proceed with the reform.

The government intends to remove 42 special retirement programs that allow for early retirement or greater pensions in favor of a worldwide retirement program.

“Putting in place a universal retirement system suggests phasing out specific regimes. I don’t feel that the French will continue to accept retirement plans which allow a few to retire more or sooner than many others despite having worked the same,” Philippe said because he defended the government’s plan.

Philippe said the new retirement program could be unveiled on Wednesday but he aimed to get its”transition” to be”innovative” rather than”abrupt”.

He explained he didn’t need to interrupt plans of these employees who intended to retire early or”made investments” according to their eligibility for retirement programs.

“Once more, we have disrupted schedules but nothing has ever changed from the government’s aim: to split our retirement program and to replace it with a single system where everybody will lose,” the union said in a statement.

The marriage encouraged employees to attack once more on the weekend and Tuesday.

French rail company SNCF stated that one in ten local trains could operate on Saturday and one in six high-speed trains could function.