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French ex-presidential Favorite François Fillon goes on trial in’fake Tasks’ scandal

Proceedings got underway at the existence of the couple. Nevertheless, they were suspended until Wednesday following a request from attorneys who desired to demonstrate solidarity with coworkers on strike over pension reforms.

The ex-prime minister was preferred to win the race to the Elysée Palace in 2017 as a candidate to get its major center-right celebration. But his effort was damaged when the scandal broke ahead of the election and he failed to make it into the run-off.

Fillon is suspected of having given occupations as parliamentary aides to his spouse and 2 kids between 1998 and 2013, even though they are said to have completed no substantive function.

The Fillon family denies charges of misusing over a thousand euros of the state capital. Last month the former offender told French television that his spouse’s occupation wasn’t fake, which evidence could be made to demonstrate that”she had been my very first and most crucial aide”.

But in ancient 2017 the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné noted that Penelope Fillon was paid hundreds of thousands of euros because of her job as a parliamentary assistant, nevertheless had done little job.

The investigative program “Envoyé Particular” discovered a 10-year old interview she gave to some British paper where asked about her job for her husband, she answered: “I have never really been his helper or anything like this”.

Her husband has maintained that different interpretations of the phrase”helper” have confused.

Defense attorneys have supplied some 500 records they say are associated with Penelope Fillon’s work. The Associated Press has seen files where investigative judges assert her actions were in accord with the standard job of an elected official spouse — but didn’t amount to the activities of a parliamentary aide.

The analysis can be said to demonstrate that wages in the children’s alleged tasks were paid for their parents’ joint bank accounts.

François Fillon denounced the situation as a”political assassination” as it was subjected in ancient 2017. He tried to continue in the race to the French presidency but has been knocked out at the first round of this election — that saw Emmanuel Macron victory after beating Marine Le Pen from the run-off.

Fillon — that had been prime minister during Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency — has been charged with the abuse of public funds, getting money from the abuse of public capital and the misappropriation of company resources.