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French skating chief Didier Gailhaguet resigns between physical assault scandal

France’s Sports Minister, Roxana Maracineanu, had predicted for Gailhaguet’s resignation a week after prosecutors opened an investigation into accusations from 10-time French winner Sarah Abitbol she had been raped by skating trainer Gilles Beyer if she was a teenager.

Two other former skaters also have accused Beyer, also denounced a lack of assistance in the federation.

On Saturday, Gailhaguet said that”from this demand for appeasement I’ve taken the smart decision to resign from my position as president of the federation.”

Beyer was permitted to continue with characters in the French soccer federation before 2018, despite being let go from the French sports ministry in 2001 after a report highlighting replicated”serious actions” committed against young skaters, French bureau media AFP recounts.

This brand new scandal broke out following Sarah Abitbol’s publishing of her novel, This type of very long holiday (Un si long silence) a week, where she accused her trainer of raping her from 1990 to 1992.

In a written statement sent to AFP on Friday, Beyer provided his”apologies” and surrendered to having had”intimate” and”improper relations” with Abitbol.

“In my memories of the precise circumstances differ from hers, I’m conscious that, given my responsibilities and her age at the moment, these customs have been in any event improper,” Beyer told AFP.

If Abitbol didn’t violate the silence until thirty decades after, French Minister of Sports pointed into the function of Gailhaguet at the upkeep of Gilles Beyer at the biking circuit, despite suspicions in 2000.

For Roxana Maracineanu, who obtained a showdown from a game federation boss, called it”a first step”. She insisted Twitter the”measures taken” by her ministry” aimed to reevaluate the dysfunctions which enabled serious acts to happen over time inside the federation.”

After eventually stepping apart, Gailhaguet took another swipe Maracineanu, maintaining his opinion that she had been making him”a sacrificial victim” to the wrongdoing of others.