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French Wellbeing under Stress with COVID-19 cases still soaring

“We’ve discovered a way to receive masks, but that is all we’ve got. We do not have disposable clothes/coveralls, nor shares of hand sanitizer, hair sprays, eyeglasses, overshoes.”

Ben states that the vast majority of health care employees in France are under the same strain.

“(On social websites ) I find that we are all in precisely the same circumstance. I’ve learned from nurses – like those from the private sector – that state that they go into war with no weapons. Who move to function with knots in their stomachs.”

The French health system was in crisis mode for decades, and tens of thousands of health personnel have been on strike, protesting against funding cuts which they say have pushed public associations to the edge of collapse, and place lives in danger.

The decision to put France under lockdown can help control the spread of this virus, ” she says, however, she considers the decision must have been made much sooner:

“All steps are being embraced fourteen days too late. We’ve been awaiting this. We wanted schools to close much sooner.”

Ben states the struggle against the pandemic is far from over.

“I will need to ask my husband to purchase bin bags so I can sew disposable blouses,” she states. “It is very alarming that the most powerful nation on the planet is in this country”