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From Sexual scandals into impeachment: The unsinkable Donald Trump

Impeached for misuse of power, President Donald Trump’s acquittal by the Senate is only the most recent escape to the real estate tycoon turned politician that has defied the odds.

The following are a few of the events which may have torpedoed his political fortunes:


On October 7, 2016, 1 month ahead of the presidential elections, a decade-old recording is published on which Trump is heard speaking about girls in exceptionally crude terms.

The infamous”Access Hollywood” cassette features Trump — the billionaire host of the hit reality series”The Apprentice” — boasting his superstar gave him license to grope girls with impunity.

“When you are a celebrity, they allow you to take action,” he explained. Grab’em from the pussy. It is possible to do anything”

As notable Republicans voiced their disgust, the scandal appeared place to violate Trump’s White House bid — as pundits broadly predicted it’d cost him that the women’s vote.

They had been proven wrong. Trump conquered Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the presidency the next month, finally garnering 52% support among white women voters.


Counter-protesters flocked into the city and clashes broke out.

Trump responded to these clashes by stating that there were”very handsome people” on either side.

His remarks sparked a wave of indignation for example in his own Republican Party. However, the outrage soon disappeared, and Trump managed to proceed in the episode.

The porn celebrity

Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen later confessed paying Clifford $130,000 in hush money only months before the 2016 election.

However, while Cohen has been convicted for violating campaign finance laws, Trump escaped mostly unscathed from the lurid revelations — that did little to dent his service among religious conservatives.

Mueller evaluation

Rejected by Trump as a”witch hunt,” the stunt cast a very long shadow across the White House during the first half of the presidency.

Though the 22-month evaluation didn’t exonerate Trump, Mueller stuck to a Justice Department policy against charging presidents — that finally enabled Trump to announce himself cleared.

The tax yields

Trump is the very first US president since Richard Nixon to not have left his tax returns, claiming they are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Back in October 2016, The New York Times disclosed that Trump reported over $1 billion in company losses in 1995 — possibly enabling him to avoid paying income tax for 2 decades.

Democrats in the House of Representatives have since turned on the courts to induce the discharge of Trump’s tax returns and other documents in cases that are considered a critical test of the separation of forces.

However, the president has up to now managed to rebuff their needs, together with the instances tied up at the US court system.