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Georgian riot police deploy water cannon as protesters in Tbilisi Attempt to blockade parliament

Thousands took to the streets once more on Monday night after fourteen days of protests from the authorities over flaws to electoral reforms.

Demonstrators are calling for the transition into an electoral system of proportional representation to be hauled up as they state the current system favors the ruling party.

The judgment Dream party, that came to power in 2012, has assured that the changes will come into force by 2024 however, the opposition wants the modifications set up from the 2020 parliamentary elections.

Nearly half of present lawmakers were chosen in single-mandate constituencies, most representing the ruling party, instead of by favors.

“There is a very big political crisis in Georgia. The ruling party lost all of its [crediblity], individuals are leaving [the party] such as the MPs and we watched a massive protest movement uniting all of the resistance.

“So that the time has come to the majority of Georgia’s electors to come together and organize early elections”

Speaking in the demonstration, the chief of the opposition party, European Georgia, Giga Bokeria included:”[Georgian Fantasy pioneer Bidzina Ivanishvili] assured that there’ll be a shift, then he played with an extremely distasteful charade into the general public, and nobody will accept this.

“So this demonstration will last and will become increasingly more alluring.”

She explained: “Everyone in this country knows that Ivanishvili needs to proceed, and he’ll go. Just that today it’s all up to him to choose whether it’s going to be tomorrow or today but the conclusion of the administration has arrived.

“It’s time for regime change, and we have to do so as peacefully as you can, and that’s also the soul of those presentations.”

The government was accused of being heavy-handed with protesters because the protest started two weeks ago after the parliament rejected a constitutional amendment to bring proportional representation to force in 2020.

At least 37 people were arrested at a demonstration last week and many were sentenced to between four and 13 times in prison.

The opposition says that the exemptions were sexually motivated.