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German nurse suspected of drugging 5 Infants with morphine

A nurse in a German hospital was detained on suspicion she administered morphine to five young infants, that were afterward discovered by employees with life-threatening breathing problems, officials said Thursday.

The five infants in the University Hospital at the southwestern town of Ulm all suffered breathing difficulties in the same period early on Dec. 20.

Hospital staff intervened fast and officials said that the kids, who had been between a day and a month old at the moment, are not expected to suffer irreversible harm to their health.

The hospital then found traces of morphine in the urine of their infants and alerted authorities. Researchers reasoned that the effective painkiller should have been awarded to them through a nighttime shift Dec. 20 and contested the medical employees who had been on duty.

They discovered that a syringe containing what seemed to be breast milk at a locker in the ward belonging to a number of those physicians, prosecutor Christof Lehr told reporters.

The young girl was arrested, and Lehr stated she denies committing the infant’s morphine. He stated a judge has since purchased her retained in custody pending potential charges of attempted manslaughter.