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Ghost trailer: Vikram Bhatt’s new thriller takes unnatural into the court of lawenforcement. Watch

Last updated on September 23, 2019

The trailer of Vikram Bhatt’s brand new horror movie, Ghost, is outside and promises to jolt the audience.

Ghost revolves round Karan Khanna (Shivam), an Indian source politician residing in the united kingdom that has been accused of murdering his wife. He informs his attorney Simran Singh (Sanaya) a soul committed the murder and ought to be tried. Will both be able to show that a ghost would be the true culprit?

The manufacturers had published the poster a week at 6.6.6 pm, remaining true to the spooky three-digit associate of 666 with the devil. While a single poster sees a girl lying on the ground with her hands on her ears and shadow of a creepy hands reaching out to her, another one focuses on lots of hands with extended claws.

“Sometimes the world of the living becomes mixed up with all the entire world of the deceased,” Vikram had said on Twitter. The movie is allegedly based on a newspaper article where a British court had permitted an issue between spirits to be attempted.

Vikram had previously told Mumbai Mirror in a meeting, “The post caught my attention since it threw up an interesting question: Just how can one establish the existence of spirits in a court of law? I know it’s difficult for most people to believe in the supernatural world, however, I know from firsthand experience the kingdom exists for me and it’s a reality”

The movie was made by Vashu Bhagnani and releases October 18.