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Goa sports Ministry must Stop for National Games Postpone: Congress

The Congress on Sunday demanded the resignation of Sports Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar for alleged fraud in the building of infrastructure to its 36th National Games and also the inability of this authorities to finish the jobs in time to the event, resulting in repeated delays.

State Congress President Girish Chodankar also required an audit and review of ongoing works for the National Games from the Chief Minister, asserting that there were high costs and lots of work often.

I’ve got my doubts and apprehensions concerning the matches occurring in 2020,” Chodankar mentioned here on Sunday.

Founded in completing the required infrastructure in Goa has been among the reasons mentioned by the authorities for its delay in hosting the Games at Goa, the previous edition of which was held in Jharkhand at 2011.

The Congress at Goa, however, claims that pleading differently using the IOC to postpone the Games has been”black” within their BJP-led coalition government.

“The Government has failed to make the infrastructure necessary for the National Games despite repeated extensions supplied by IOA. Its a pity that the BJP Government requested for postponements of the Games because of its failure to finish works of different amenities necessary for the Games punctually,” Chodankar explained.

Alleging scams at the procedure for creation of infrastructure to the event, Chodankar also required an audit of works associated with the Games.

“The Chief Minister must review each of the continuing works of National Games and perform an audit of the cost incurred up to now. There are a variety of cases wherein exorbitant quotes were ready and performed orders given for substantially higher amounts. Duplication of functions is also observed often,” Chodankar alleged.