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GOP Rep. Hunter, Later Asserting’witch hunt,’ to plead guilty for misusing campaign funds

“I did make errors. I didn’t properly track or accounts for my campaign money,” he explained. “I’m accountable for my effort and that which happens to my effort”

The change of plea was initially reported by that the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Prosecutors had charged Hunter and his spouse” transformed and stole” over a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds to their use, such as excursions to Hawaii and Italy, bar tabs, theater tickets and college tuition for their children.

Both reluctantly pleaded not guilty a year ago, but the Republican congressman and Iraq war vet seemed to attribute his partner for their issues in an interview on Fox News shortly after.

“When I moved to Iraq in 2003, the very first time I gave her power of attorney. She managed my financing during my whole military career which lasted when I got into Congress,” Hunter stated on”The Story.”

“She was also the campaign manager, so whatever she did, that will be considered, also, I am convinced, but I did not do it”

Hunter’s wife, Margaret, pleaded guilty to conspiring to abuse campaign capital in June, also has been expected to testify against her husband in his trial, which was scheduled for Jan. 22.

“I think it’s important to not have a public trial for three reasons, and also those 3 reasons are my children,” Duncan Hunter stated from the KUSI interview.

He explained he didn’t understand how long he will receive from the judge,” but added, “No matter my period is, I’ll take that strike. My only hope is that the judge doesn’t sentence my spouse. I believe my children require a mother at home”

The very first, Rep. Chris Collins of New York, pleaded guilty to federal charges associated with insider trading and resigned his chair. Like Hunter, he’d taken a page in the Trump playbook and also said the investigation into his activities had been”a political witch hunt.”

Hunter, who had been operating for re-election next year, was vague when asked what could happen with his chair.

“We are planning to pass it off to whoever takes the chair. I believe that it’s very important to maintain the chair a Republican chair,” he explained. “President Trump now needs assistance over.”