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Greater than half of Respondents say the U.S. is Ready for coronavirus, new Poll finds

Following Super Tuesday’s outcome and earlier we begin looking forward to next week’s Democratic primaries, it is time to admit the political — and wellness — anvil that is hanging over our minds: that the coronavirus, and the interrupting force it might be.

As per another online poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the Republican half of this NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 92 percent of registered Republicans have read, seen or heard news regarding the spread of this coronavirus (compared with 98% that said the same about Ebola from the 2014 NBC/WSJ survey ).

Sixty-one percentage are concerned about the coronavirus, including 24% that are extremely worried.

Fifty-nine percent say they’ve talked with friends and family about how the coronavirus could affect them.

Forty-two percentage has taken precautions to restrict their vulnerability.

And just 49 percent of Republicans say that the USA is ready for an epidemic (compared with 57% that said the same about Ebola in 2014).

It is that final figure — less than half of believing the United States is ready — that is possibly the most alarming of all.

The misinformer-in-chief

Additionally, it does not help if the president of the USA is providing the American people misinformation such as he did with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Hannity: “We’ve got a report now: The worldwide death rate as 3.4 percent and also a report that the Olympics may be postponed. Your response to this?”

Trump: “Well, I believe that the 3.4 percentage is a false amount. Now this is just my hunch, however, according to a great deal of conversations with a great deal of people who do so, because a great deal of people have this and it is very gentle and they’ll get better very quickly.”

Trump added at the interview, “If, you know, we’ve got tens or hundreds of thousands of people who get better, just by, you know, sitting and even likely to work — a number of these go to work but they make better and then.”

We are not any physicians, but we will repeat the advice from physicians and health professionals: If you are not feeling well and think you might have symptoms, do not go to work.

Prepare for three more months of the.

At least.

“There is a post — I do not know whether you watched it now, The Wall Street Journal, Wall Street begins opening its wallet for Joe Biden. He’s over 60 billionaires leading to his effort,” Bernie Sanders informed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow yesterday.

Bernie, you have defeated by the overwhelming support I have from the African American neighborhood, Bernie. You have defeated due to suburban girls Bernie. You have defeated due to the middle course, hard-working people around Bernie. You have raised much more cash than I’ve, Bernie.”

More Sanders into Rachel Maddow yesterday: “We are going into the Midwest, Michigan. Michigan was decimated by dreadful, dreadful commerce prices, NAFTA, PNTR with China, which cost our nation several 4 million good-paying occupations. I walked the picket lines from NAFTA. I moved to Mexico to find out what NAFTA would perform. Joe voted for all those dreadful agreements.”

More Biden into Guthrie: “Let us go to Michigan, Bernie. Let us see whether that’s accurate. I am the man that helped bail out the auto market. What would you do old friend? Come on. This notion of my listing is an issue, this is a man that voted against the Brady bill five occasions for background checks on individuals. … I welcome the contest, Bernie. Let us discuss your votes, let us discuss my votes. Let us see exactly what the American men and women say.”

527 into 475.

The rest have yet to be allocated since the vote is still counted.

Tweet of this day

Montana Gov. (and former Republican candidate) Steve Bullock is”fairly serious” about submitting to run for the U.S. Senate chair in Montana,” NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard reports, citing a private acquainted with Bullock’s thinking.

Hillyard’s reporting verifies that the spade in the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin: “Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana will undo himself run for the Senate, based on three Democratic officers, a determination which would hand the celebration a coveted recruit who would assist recover a majority in the room.”

We have got to ask: Why does the Bullock-for-Senate talk occur if Sanders — rather than Biden — had the assigned lead?

NBC’s Marianna Sotomayor covers Joe Biden’s remarks from yesterday: “This notion that we did not have a motion, examine the consequences,” he explained. “It’s a movement. And we want that motion to conquer Donald Trump and also to create a future most of us know is possible.” He added that he is”particularly proud that our effort has generated much excitement, driving up voter turnout all around the country.”

Do not miss the bunny from yesterday when we looked at just how Superb Tuesday upended a number of our assumptions about elections.

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