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Greenland airport Becomes the latest victim of climate change

Greenland’s most important airport is set to finish civilian flights over five years because of climate change, since the melting of permafrost is breaking the runway.

Kangerlussuaq Airport, the nation’s most important hub, had 11,000 airplanes landing or quitting last year.

Permafrost, the coating of soil generally frozen solid, is decreasing as temperatures rise. For airport employees, ridding the runway from this ice and snow has turned into a constant battle.

Because of this, authorities will begin constructing a new facility from scratch.

“They’re building a new airport at Nuuk and in the north…

Greenland is the world’s biggest island approximately and approximately 80 percent of this surface is coated in an ice sheet.

The airport position demonstrates how the constructed environment, and not simply the natural surroundings, is being hit with climate change.