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Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets are melting six times Quicker than in 1990s State scientists

Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are currently melting six times quicker than they had been in the 1990s because of increasing temperatures, according to another report.

By 1992 to 2017, both landmasses dropped over 6 trillion tonnes of ice hockey forcing sea levels up by nearly 18 millimeters.

It is not quite sexy. It is just half a degrees centigrade above freezing but it’s sufficient to induce the glaciers to destabilize and also to pour more ice to the sea”

Researchers say that the melt speed follows the”worst-case scenario” version and without a significant reduction to carbon emissions, so it might place around 400 Million individuals in danger of yearly coastal flood during the next 80 decades.

“Those versions are overly conservative since they have been outstripped in the previous 20 to 30 decades so rather than 50 cm of sea-level grow we ought to anticipate another 15 or 20 cm. This will induce folks to constructed higher flood defenses of bringing ahead by many decades the defense strategies they’re already producing,” said Shepherd.

“We’re also in the center of a climate crisis that will influence younger people and we can do something to prevent that too so let us hope governments will place cash on the table to work out this issue for future generations”