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Greenland ice sheet Almost Twice the size of Manhattan breaks into the Sea

An ice sheet measuring a place almost twice the size of Manhattan has detached in the Arctic’s biggest remaining glacier, as stated by the Danish and Greenland Geological Survey.

The Spalte Glacier, recording 113 km2 region, has detached in the Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden Glacier in what seems to be”innovative disintegration” of this ice sheet, according to scientists.

The ice cream has dropped 160 km2 since recordings started in 1999 with substantial losses over the previous two summers.

The air has warmed 3 levels on average since 1980 and the area has undergone record-breaking warming these previous two summers.

“We have noticed a glacier which has been generally locked in ice age states is beginning to wake up and it is of fantastic concern because this specific ice shelf, the biggest remaining from the Arctic, is attached to the largest drainage system of the Greenland ice sheet,” Prof. Jason Box, ice climatologist, informed Euronews.