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Greenpeace activists climb onto Roofing of Poland’s Environment Ministry in protest

Greenpeace activists have climbed on the roof of Poland’s Environment Ministry to require better preservation of the nation’s forests.

A huge banner was hung in the construction in Warsaw in the early hours of Monday morning together with the inscription”Cease the devastation! Time for security”.

An accompanying caricature puppet also revealed Environment Minister Michal Wos cutting a tree down.

Greenpeace states that the”peaceful demonstration” has been brought to a conclusion by police after thee hours.

The NGO added that activists respected social distancing rules throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and wore mouth and nose caps.

Warsaw police arrested 15 people in the scene, including four who had been”forcibly removed” by officials.

Greenpeace has required that at least 15 percent of Poland’s forests are protected and permanently deducted from any felling schemes.

Michal Wos has also been accused of not doing enough to safeguard the nation’s character and property.

“We want a ministry that, at the surface of the climate and environmental crisis, can select the side of nature and people, not one of the people that use and destroy the remnants of the precious nature for money and power,” said Marta Grundland, planner of this woods effort Greenpeace Poland.

The ecological NGO further expressed concern that no new national parks are launched in Poland for almost 20 decades.

The European Union has put particular emphasis on deforestation from the new European Green Deal, which has been submitted for settlement in January.

Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are one of the countries under monitoring by the EU since the bloc continues to push for climate neutrality from 2050.