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Greta Thunberg nominated to Nobel Peace Prize with Swedish MPs

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg and the international protest movement”Fridays for Future” were nominated Thursday for its 2020 Nobel Peace Prize by 2 Swedish lawmakers.

“The climate catastrophe will create new battles and finally wars. Action for reducing emissions and complies with all the Paris Agreement is consequently also an act of earning peace,” they stated.

The group added that with no Fridays For Future motion along with Greta Thunberg,” the climate problem wouldn’t have been on the schedule to such an extent as it is today.”

Thunberg, 17, was cited as a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2019, once the honor ultimately went into Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed because of his attempts to solve a long-running battle with neighboring Eritrea.

In only over a year, the climate activist, who suffers from a kind of autism named Asperger’s, has been the voice of a production haunted from the climate catastrophe.

She started her”School Attack to the Climate” beyond the Swedish parliament in August 2018 and has since motivated and mobilized countless young folks to participate.

Thousands of individuals are entitled to propose candidates, such as former laureates, some college professors, lawmakers and government ministers across the world, and former and current Nobel Committee members.

The committee never shows the names of their nominees, but individuals who suggest candidates are permitted to disclose their pick.