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Greta Thunberg Reacts to Animation appearing to Reveal her being Attacked

Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg has reacted to a picture cartoon appearing to portray her being sexually attacked after a tide of social networking backlash from a Canadian petroleum firm whose logo appears on the picture.

The picture seems to show a naked young woman from behind while two hands grab in her pigtails. The title”Greta” looks throughout her back, and beneath her is the emblem for its Alberta-based X-Site Energy Services.

Thunberg, who frequently wears her hair in pigtails as portrayed in the picture, is now a major voice in the struggle against climate change and is famous worldwide because of her activism.

As of Sunday morning, it seemed the sites and societal websites for X-Site Energy Services was eliminated.

NBC News didn’t instantly get a comment from Doug Sparrow, the organization’s general manager. But, Sparrow told Canada’s Global News he had been mindful of the picture but said his firm wasn’t responsible for this.

“We didn’t post those decals or images on social networking,” Sparrow told Global News. “They’ve been labeled on our balances — private and firm — which I am shutting down to attempt and mitigate the harms. We didn’t post that stuff media, OK?”

In this specific article, Global News says that it asked Sparrow in regards to the picture’s source, to which he declined to comment.

On Friday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Alberta explained in a statement that following an investigation, it was decided”the decal doesn’t fulfill the components of child porn… nor does the decal portray a non-consensual action that would be an immediate threat to the individual. Alberta RCMP don’t think it represents a criminal violation.”


Despite officials falling to deliver a criminal complaint, many Canadian officials resisted the picture.

This isn’t exactly what our state stands for. I stand with Albertans from this dreadful picture”

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney reacted to Aheer, encouraging her announcement.