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Guinness World Records Shows fastest garden shed

Guinness World Records has introduced a new group of odd record-breakers, the hottest in a long lineup of those who have done improbable things better than anybody else.

Lisa and Chris Pitman maintain the record for many pine planks broken in 1 moment with a single hand. The husband-and-wife team smashed over 500 cubes in 1 moment between them (Lisa 230, Chris 315). When not beating walnut planks, Lisa is the sole feminine Taekwondo master in the united kingdom.

Another album was blasted by Kevin Nicks, founder of the quickest garden shed, which zooms around Yorkshire in northern England in 80 mph (128 kph).

The motorised drop boasted a 400 BHP turbocharged motor and broke the record by travelling at 80.67 mph.

In a group all, she was Brittany Walsh, a circus performer from Portland, Oregon. She’s the record holder to its farthest arrow shot with her toes, achieving a space of 12.31 metres (40.38 ft ).