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Hannover elects Initial German mayor of Turkish origin

The German city of Hannover became the primary regional funding and also the first city in the nation to elect a mayor of Turkish source on Sunday, at a potent symbol for German citizens of Turkish legislation descent.

Belt Only, of Die Grünen, the German Green party, won 52.9 percent of their vote against the CDU candidate Eckhard Scholz, which obtained to 47.1 percent.

Hannover is the fourth big city in Germany following Freiburg, Darmstadt, and Stuttgart where a”Grüner”, a politician of the Green Party, is now mayor.

Only, an attorney by profession, has served as an MP at the Lower Saxony Parliament as 2013, and then was a town councilaor because 2011.

The 38-year-old new mayor was created in Goslar, Lower Saxony, to Turkish parents who emigrated from Istanbul into Germany from the 1970s.

Earlier on Sunday, as Hannover had been voting, Only shared photos of himself along with his wife going into the polls.

Germany hosts nearly 3 million people of Turkish origin.

Germany’s Turkish population would be the second-largest Turkish people on the planet, following Turkey itself.