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‘Health disaster’: Physicians Struck out over Serbia’s coronavirus spike

Countless physicians in Serbia have sounded the alert following a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Labeling the case a”health crisis”, they’ve called for the authorities to sack its coronavirus management apparatus.

The team of 350 physicians has delivered an open letter calling for a probe to the conclusions that they think prompted the brand new outbreak.

“The entire abandonment of steps to fight the outbreak in the pre-election interval (rallies, sports games, tournaments, parties ) caused the loss of management of their epidemiological situation and can’t be justified by professional motives,” they wrote.

It comes following the government last week denied concealing the real effect of COVID-19 in an attempt to plow forward with a parliamentary election.

Cases started rising following the June 21 vote, which saw the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) win with a landslide.

Serbia went to a strict lockdown on March 15. It eased restrictions at the start of May amid people discontent over confinement and even despite warnings from physicians it was too premature. Following a spike in cases following the election, Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vucic, declared a brand new lockdown, he later backtracked on following protests.

According to the official tally, 491 individuals have died from COVID-19 from the nation of seven million people, but authorities critics have accused of playing this down toll.

Doctors supporting the open letter included they desired to talk out” openly because we find no other remedy to the general health crisis where our nation is now”.

The emergency unit sailed these criticisms.

“Everybody has a right to their view,” reacted epidemiologist Darija Kisic in a media conference. “Regrettably, we don’t see (from the correspondence ) a name of a physician who participates (from the struggle ) against infectious diseases.”

The emergency unit had recognized that the death toll was”clearly higher” than the official toll since patients might have expired with no”been tested”.

The health system is dealing with a huge exodus, particularly to Germany, of capable but underpaid staff. According to the financial data portal, it’s lacking 3,500 physicians and 8,000 nurses.