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Helicopter pilot Finds villagers stranded in debris from the Bahamas

Last updated on September 15, 2019

A helicopter pilot volunteering from the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian was shocked to discover this week that a region filled with debris in the storm was occupied up to 40 people.

“Being there, you can not process that only occurred,” Angela Johnson said concerning the devastation left by the storm, which manipulates entire cities and abandoned 50 people dead.

Angela Johnson stated her husband and the other volunteer shrugged off the thought, saying that it was probably just a heap of crap.

However, after thinking about it, Justin Johnson chose to stop at the region the next day whilst on a supply run to Fox Town.

“He had this instinct that he needed to fly back,” Angela Johnson stated.

When he landed on the website, people started crawling out of the debris all around him. He hurried back to his wife and started gathering supplies.

“Pack everything up,” he explained. “That area [the reporter] discovered has 30 to 40 individuals living inside.”

They pulled together tents, food, and water. With the support of MEDIC Corps, they could bring a few loads of equipment back to the stranded men and women.

MEDIC Corps reported the village was overlooked since it was situated off main streets, and the inhabitants did not have vehicles or talk English. The stranded folks were in dire need of support and supplies, the team said in a statement.

Many were Haitian immigrants that”are terrified of being deported so it’s at times hard to give evacuation to such communities and they are not the first to reveal themselves,” MEDIC Corps explained.

Angela Johnson said the villagers were profoundly appreciative of their supplies.

“They had been dancing, hands raised into the skies,” she explained.

The Johnsons were about a supply run if they came across a guy who informed them a few kids who he had to get to have been stuck someplace nearby.

Without knowing precisely where to go, the Johnsons set up to locate them.

Angela Johnson stated that the kids were dropped off by boat to fulfill their parents, however, the kids were not able to reach them since they had been on the opposing side of a street that had”totally collapsed,” along with also a strong current was running.

Despite running low on gasoline and not understanding where they were going, the Johnsons were able to discover the kids and take them for their grandparents.

In a Facebook article, Angela Johnson explained it as their”favorite rescue up to now.”