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Here Is how Snapdeal is Utilizing technology to weed out Vendors with Reduced product quality

Snapdeal stated it’s currently utilizing technology, data analytics mainly, to make sure that sellers with real products and excellent customer evaluations find more significance on the stage.

Since the ecommerce marketplace in India develops, so will the matter of marketplaces’ capability to guarantee the credibility of merchandise in their platforms. There have been numerous episodes of vendors attempting to match the system for higher evaluations.

Each purchaser on Snapdeal can speed their buys, score them between 1-5 stars. The evaluation for each item, together with the number of consumers that have rated the article is displayed to users on the market.

Snapdeal states it’s set a new mechanism to guarantee correct sellers with goods which are highly rated with the customers are more likely to have higher visibility in the research results, which mostly leads to higher sales for these vendors vis-à-vis different vendors.

The platform reduces the visibility of these vendors selling goods with inferior ratings and eliminates the sellers in the stage due to repeated performance problems and violations of stage stipulations.

“The evaluations and testimonials by countless Snapdeal buyers have become the most effective and authentic manner of directing users on the market platform. Such assessments help buyers navigate, evaluate and choose between different product-price selections available on the platform.

With this specific data practice, Snapdeal is considering emphasizing high-quality sellers and can also be based on customer evaluations, considering weeding out low-income vendors, for example, those who abuse the platform to market fake products, added the spokesperson.