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Hide the Aggravation Harold: The Way the retired Hungarian Guy Recovered his Picture from memesters

Ten decades back, András Arató’s life transformed when he agreed to design for a few stock photographs and became an online sensation.

Online users discovered a sign of sorrow supporting the retired Hungarian electrical engineer’s grin and a flurry of how memes bearing his picture were made.

“Hide the aggravation Harold” has been born.

“My initial idea was that I do not need this to occur,” Arató informed Euronews.

Regrettably, the memesters Couldn’t be stopped so Arató chose to take back control of the net alter-ego

I needed to come to terms with the fact I can’t stop it, can do nothing against it, and in the long run, I determined that when I can not escape from this, I must attempt and create the very best of it,” he explained.

“As soon as they realized that I am a true man, the harsh jokes vanished almost completely,” he clarified.

András currently has hundreds of thousands of followers and has been frequently invited to attend events where young men and women queue to shoot selfies together with him.

“During this, I have continuous contact with young people, also, well, it’s far better to joke about with young folks than to hear the health complaints of these of my era,” he explained.

What’s more, embracing his alter-ego has proven to be a profitable enterprise.

“If I wished to draw a lesson in what happened to me personally, I’d say life throws all types of challenges in you, and you need to take it. You need to take it as it’s trying out as many matters as you can, and who knows — you may even turn into a meme,” he explained.