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Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas dies in 103

Last updated on February 6, 2020

Kirk Douglas, among the very last superstars of Hollywood’s golden era of theater renowned for his extreme, muscular performances in”Spartacus” and”Paths of Glory,” died Wednesday aged 103.

The US leading guy, producer, and manager came into prominence in the late 1940s and never lost his fame, taking on almost 100 films over a six-decade profession that suffered past a serious stroke in his later years.

His departure at his family house in Beverly Hills has been supported by his son Michael, the Oscar-winning celebrity and filmmaker.

“It is with enormous sadness that my brothers and that I declare that Kirk Douglas left us now at age 103,” Michael Douglas said in a statement submitted to Facebook.

“To the world that he was a legend, a celebrity in the golden era of films who lived well into his golden years, a humanitarian whose devotion to the causes he believed in specify a standard for each of us to aspire to.”

Tributes poured in from around Hollywood and across the globe on social networking, with many announcing”I’m Spartacus!” In a nod to Douglas’s mythical role as a rebellious Roman servant.

The motivational Scalawag,” composed celebrity Danny DeVito, about the 1973 film of the same title — the very first movie Douglas directed.

“103 years on this ground. That has a wonderful ring to it! Great hanging with you guy,” he added.

“Heartbroken. Kirk Douglas was a buddy and a complete legend of a celebrity and individual. He got better with each passing day,” composed”Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander, including: “We can use an authentic Spartacus.”

Bigger than life

He graduated to films from 1946 when”Casablanca” producer Hal Wallis signed him and he turned into a celebrity because of his position as a double-crossing and womanizing fighter in 1949’s”Champion.”

Douglas told The New York Times at a 1984 interview he had”always been drawn to characters that are a part scoundrel,” including: “I do not find merit”

He was famous for his bodily devotion to characters, coaching for months to perform a fighter in”Champion,” and also learning how to horse ride and take from the 1957 Western” Gunfight in the O.K. Corral”.

Douglas accumulated three Oscar nominations, the final for”Lust for Life,” but missed out every time and wasn’t nominated. He won an aggressive Academy Award.

However, he was awarded an honorary lifetime achievement statuette from the Academy in 1996 — only months after his stroke “for 50 years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community”

“(To) me and my brothers Joel and Peter that he had been only Dad, to Catherine (Zeta-Jones), a superb father-in-law, to his grandchildren and fantastic grandchild their adoring grandfather, as well as his wife Anne, a superb husband,” explained Michael.

“Kirk’s life has been lived, and he leaves a legacy in movie that will endure for generations to come, and also history as a celebrated philanthropist who worked to assist people and bring peace to the world “