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Hong Kong police Catch roughly 4,000 Gas bombs university campus

Hong Kong authorities said they had captured approximately 4,000 gas bombs in the Polytechnic University campus that has become the battleground of recent protests.

Police captured petrol bombs, compounds, and offensive weapons, they explained, including that they eliminated harmful substances and proof on Thursday and Friday.

The campus has been passed back to college direction after being hunted by police.

The spokesman, speaking at a media conference on Friday (Nov 29) added that the situation was”alarming” because”dangerous things and explosives [were] at the hands of young pupils”.

Protesters had used gas ribbons, bows and arrows and arrows against authorities, but authorities afterward laid siege to the college, trapping protesters inside.

Current elections in Hong Kong led to a surge in pro-democracy applicants that procured nearly 90 percent of district council chairs.

Protests in Hong Kong began in June over proposed laws which could have enabled Hong Kong to extradite citizens to mainland China.

The laws have been suspended but protesters are currently requesting an investigation to police violence.