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Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in Purchasing district

Hong Kong descended into another day of clashes between protesters and riot police on Sunday with officials shooting tear gas at a crowded shopping district.

Pro-democracy activists have stepped up their four-month-long effort in the bank ahead of parties planned for the 70th anniversary of communist China’s heritage from Tuesday.

Police fired tear gas at protesters at Causeway Bay after mad crowds surrounded and heckled officers that had ran searches and stop and made a string of arrests.

China is preparing to get enormous, tightly choreographed festivities such as a massive military parade in Beijing to enjoy the nation’s development as an international superpower.

But continuing unrest in Hong Kong threatens to upstage those parties as the semi-autonomous city comes with people angry over the erosion of its particular independence under Beijing’s rule.

Over the past 17 months, Hong Kong has seen the worst political unrest since its handover to China in 1997 with enormous pro-democracy rallies in addition to increasingly extreme clashes.

The town’s summer of discontent — triggered by an extradition invoice to the mainland which has been shelved — has morphed to a telephone for free elections and less intervention from Beijing.

On Friday and Saturday night, thousands of folks turned out for 2 peaceful rallies.

Saturday night’s clashes happened in the sidelines of a massive gathering however gave a flavor of what’s anticipated for a tense couple of days.

Online forums utilized by the mostly leaderless demonstration movement had invited protesters to match Sunday afternoon in Causeway Bay to get involved in an “anti-totalitarianism” rally — a portion of a string of protests held across the world this weekend by Beijing critics.

But authorities flooded the area before the planned assembly, stopping and searching numerous individuals.

At a now-familiar routine, audiences started heckling officers, yelling slogans such as”corrupt cops” and”triads”.

Following a bottle was thrown towards officials, tear gas fast followed.

The clouds of acrid smoke delivered individuals scattering, but audiences soon reformed and started marching down a major road leading through town.

However, the arrangement is supposed to expire in 2047 and several accuse Beijing of eroding a few of those independence in the past couple of decades.