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Hong Kong police shoot, Seriously wound protester

Police shot and seriously injured a demonstrator through the violent anti-government demonstrations across Hong Kong, police said Monday.

No additional advice about the guy was instantly offered.

Hong Kong police affirmed that”one man was captured” when an officer fired his service weapon through one of many demonstrations throughout the island” because of the rioters’ extensive illegal acts”

They did not state where the shooting happened, but three gunshots were observed in Sai Wan Ho on northeastern Hong Kong Island at roughly 7:30 a.m. Monday.

Police advised a press conference for later in the afternoon.

Anti-government demonstrations have riven Hong Kong for nearly half an hour, having begun in June as a succession of protests triggered by that an extradition invoice that was later removed.

The protests have widened to include calls for more democratic liberty amid fears of China’s improved control over the land.

A school student became the first man to perish in the protests on Friday, four days later he dropped in a multi-story parking lot as police used tear gas on demonstrators in the region.