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Hong Kong protesters wave US flags, Advocate Donald Trump to’liberate’ Town from China

A set of Hong Kong protesters on Saturday waved American flags, sang the US national anthem and advocated President Donald Trump to”liberate” the town from China.

Over a dozen guys wearing masks to conceal their identities transported the flags as tens of thousands of demonstrators defied a police order to rally in downtown Hong Kong. China has accused the US of stoking the protests that started in June from a bill permitting extraditions into the mainland, also treats any forecasts for liberty as a red line which could warrant a harsher crackdown. Also, he called on Congress to pass on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, saying it had been necessary” to provide us liberty and protect our constitution and our market.”

Trump lately has tied the protests into his trade discussions with China, telling reporters on Friday that the talks have been”keeping the temperature down” at Hong Kong. Speculation has increased that Hong Kong’s government could invoke emergency powers or seek assistance from indigenous troops to stem the unrest.
A few months back a bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which could impose sanctions on officials engaged in abductions and need that the State Department to a year re-assess if the town remains autonomous.

Eliminating that standing could wind Hong Kong’s particular trading position, a movement that could be catastrophic for its market. It is because we honor the soul of the USA,” stated Vaughn, 27, as he found an American flag. Talking about the US’s struggle for independence against Britain, he said “Back then they’re also colony they do not possess the appropriate right, they do not have individual rights, they do not have democracy, but they struggle for that. And in the USA constitution that they have the right to defend their democracy.”