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Hong Kong reports Town’s first death Connected to coronavirus

Last updated on February 5, 2020

The first death beyond China was reported Sunday – a 44-year-old Chinese guy who perished in the Philippines after traveling from Wuhan, the epicenter of this virus.

The death toll in China climbed on Tuesday with a brand new daily record to over 420 and overall infections in China climbed by 3,235 into 20,438. There were 151 instances in 23 other states and areas, such as the USA, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Britain.

The former British colony far has had 15 confirmed cases such as one which has been transmitted locally.

Holding white and red placards reading”Conserve HK now. I’m a Hospital Authority staff on attack”, masked employees spilled from within the Authority’s Kowloon situated headquarters, and on the primary road outside.

On Monday, police in Hong Kong announced the closing of four border crossings with southern China, leaving open up the global airport, the bridge linking the city to Macau and the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai in addition to Shenzhen Bay Port from the northwest.

Approximately 2,700 employees from the recently formed Hospital Authority Employees Alliance (HAEA) went on strike Monday to involve a sealing from Hong Kong’s boundary and to get superior protection for hospital employees.

Lam has rejected calls to close the whole boundary, saying such a move could be”inappropriate and impractical” and”discriminatory”.

The USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Vietnam are among nations that have denied entrance to foreign nationals who’ve been in China.

Last week the Hong Kong authorities suspended the cross-boundary travel community at six checkpoints and halved the number of flights into the mainland along with other steps.

Chief executive of this town’s hospital jurisdiction, Tony Ko, said in a statement late on Monday that although the jurisdiction agreed that cross-boundary passenger leak ought to be further decreased to prevent the spreading of this virus, “we disagree with undermining patient safety when expressing opinions”.

A spokesman for the jurisdiction on Tuesday stated that because of this huge lack of health personnel in public hospitals now, some emergency services have been”seriously” affected.