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Hong Kong vigil for Deceased Pupil turns into violent street clashes

Protesters and police fought running battles on the streets of Hong Kong on Friday as a vigil for a pupil murdered on Monday turned violent.

Pupils had gathered to pay their respects to Chow Tsz-Lok, 22, who dropped from the third to the second floor of a parking lot if protesters were dispersed by police.

His fellow pupils in the University of Science and Technology (UST) smashed a Starbucks outlet, composing”Condemn police brutality” on the restaurant’s glass walls.

Back in Mong Kok, among the very densely populated neighborhoods in the Earth, demonstrators constructed barricades, assaulted a subway station and ruined a telephone booth.

The protests in Hong Kong have been raging for months, ever since the government attempted to execute a bill that would enable taxpayers to be extradited to mainland China and has ever since been scrapped.