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Hossein Dehghani: Coronavirus, US unilateral sanctions and Inner People’s Right to Life

Considering that the WHO supported coronavirus as a catalyst, the virus has gone worldwide and affected all states. Adding this type of fast-spreading virus demands actions, not just at national but also at the global level.

First of all, each nation must take suitable steps to enforcement of strict containment strategies. In turn, it needs enormous federal resources and a strong economy to cater to the requirements of many who may have been afflicted by the illness, or its security harm and side-effects.

Second, at the global level, specialized organizations, specifically the World Health Organization, along with other aid agencies have a great deal to offer; equally in terms of breaking new grounds in finding a vaccine, providing specialist medical aid to affected mass and countries logistic coordination. Meanwhile, however, all states, especially the developed ones, both independently and together, have a vital part to play in capacity building and assisting others to deal with the aftermath of their COVID-19 outbreak within their lands as well as the virus’ ultimate defeat.

Thinking about the aforementioned, the case of Iran is a strange one; Iran is the third most seriously hit nation in the world after China and Italy, however the latter, confront none of those predicaments which Iran has seen itself.

Considering that the US withdrawal in the Iran nuclear bargain, or JCPOA, the Iranian market has dropped around $200 billion, which makes it increasingly hard to efficiently mobilize the barely available and sanctions-strained tools to put an effective struggle against the virus. The rather large death toll among the medical personnel is indicative of the grim reality. Even though a strong domestic market is vital for enforcing rigorous steps in comprising coronavirus in the federal level, the united states unilateral sanctions, amounting to over 100 prohibitive Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) activities just after 8 May 2018, have radically reduced the financial capability to resist the virus at Iran, thus putting the whole nation and the area in danger.

According to WHO health regulations, Iran has taken all steps in complete transparency to suppress the outbreak that has become a pandemic.

Aside from the inhumane character of US sanctions, their extraterritorial program isn’t even recognized under EU law. The selection for the global community, the European Union and its members is apparent: will they create the moral and legal choice and return into Iranian people’s help by beating the US prohibited sanctions and honoring their multi-lateral commitments under the JCPOA, Security Council Resolution 2231 along with the EU law?