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How a London tailor uses a robot to measure customers remotely

Like all companies internationally, tailors are hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Huntsman & Sons is a conventional British bespoke Saville Row institution in Mayfair and it’s hoping to complete 65 percent down on this past year.

“Only on our graph, the falloff from March 23rd has been instantaneous.

On the other hand, the 171-year-old tailor-made has to produce 21st-century technologies to overcome the circumstance. A consumer in South Korea could be measured-up with a telepresence robot called Mr. Hammick. Someone trained still must maintain the tape measure however Mr. Hammick is directed by the London store using a touchpad out of a notebook.

Its display and high-resolution camera allow the whistles to communicate with customers. Mr. Hamick has been a famed Huntsman cutter from the 1970s and made by California-based OhmniLabs.

“What has been useful, much more, useful than really being there,” said Dario Carnera, Head Cutter, Huntsman & toddlers, “is having the ability to take still pictures of what you are visiting. So, instead of trying to recall what you watched, you have got a real image “

Normally, obtaining a bespoke suit created entails several fittings for a flawless fit. But with all the newest technologies, the tailors could be reactive without needing to fly to a different country.

“If you are, by way of instance, in Seoul, we would be there normally four times per year. Together with the robot onsite, if someone’s got a specific event they will need to, instead of awaiting us for our second trunk series, we could set that up so we can view them instantly, nearly,” additional Carnera.

It’s only accessible in Seoul however, the firm hopes to begin this support to other cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore.