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HT GIFA 2019:’What they Do is Good,’ Akshay Kumar lauds Attempt to promote Soccer in India

Last updated on September 29, 2019

Delhi NCR’s biggest neighborhood soccer tournament had special guests about its launching and it was none other than Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar. He’s been linked to the tournament since its beginning and he declared that every child by the winning team could receive prize money of Rs 25000.

Akshay went to discuss his affiliation with HT GIFA and he believes HT GIFA is a superb platform for young soccer players in state to flourish.

‘I believe what they’re doing is fantastic. They’re so many children that take part in the championship. How everything is organized, it turns into an occasion for many of them that aren’t readily available for them in universities and universities ‘

‘It is amazing and you guys do a fantastic job with it. You should continue with it’

‘Sportsman appears in life in a really different manner. They encounter everything- losses and wins. It’s excellent to be connected with a sports initiative, which can be an honest tournament also does not have some cheating involved inside ‘

Akshay also spoke about several problems like the supplement civilization in Bollywood while also showing his physical fitness habits.