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Hungary Slides armed river patrols to Capture swimming migrants

Hungary’s army has set up a patrol ship to its river boundary with Serbia.

The river is an integral point of entry for migrants attempting to achieve the EU. The team of this boat will be tasked with tracking the Serbian beaches of this river along with intercepting migrants seeking to float across to the side.

“If they arrive in classes, they constantly have leaders. They have excellent gear, we discovered night-vision goggles, and just a ground detector,” he explained.

While swimming around the Tisza River is dangerous at the best of times, NĂ©meth stated migrants were lumbered with additional gear for if they make it on the other hand.

They’re quite well prepared to cross the boundary of Hungary,” he explained.

Traveling into other EU nations
Human rights groups state while Hungary is on the frontline, it is often other European nations that migrants are attempting to reach.

“If you talk into these migrants here, they are going to tell you their loved ones are in Austria, their buddies are across the boundary, etc. And, regrettably, this supports them.

Euronews combined among those newest patrols on the river boundary. You may see the complete story in the player above.