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‘I will never forget how they made me Endure’: Turkish refugee sues Greece over Pressured return Asserts

A Turkish girl is suing the Greek country over allegations authorities returned to Turkey when she attempted to claim asylum in Greece.

Ayse Erdogan, 28, talked to Euronews from Gebze prison, where she’s been held because she had been shipped back to Turkey by Greek authorities on May 5, 2019.

“I’ve been in this cell for quite a while, which tires me out. I came within an inch of assembly together with my twin brother following years ahead of the Greek authorities pushed me back,” she informed Euronews. “I won’t ever forget how they made me endure.”

“I moved through heavy things. I didn’t visit Greece to loot the nation. I wasn’t even planning to remain there, but move to a different European nation.

However, Eleni Takou, deputy director and head of advocacy in HumanRights360, stated that victims and witnesses assert that so-called”push-backs” occur nearly daily round the Evros river, by which tens of thousands of migrants cross annually.

The Greek government has denied that Erdogan was in Greece, however, Forensic Architecture, a study agency in Goldsmiths, University of London, published a movie in February in cooperation with HumanRights360 it asserts is proof that she had been.

Euronews has achieved into the Greek authorities for comment.

Ayse captured footage of her travel, including lost pins on cell phone program WhatsApp along with a video journal that records her journey.

“Security officers usually throw or interrogate migrants’ phones to the river before forcing them to return. With this respect, Ayse’s situation is a strong one,” explained Takou.

Forensic Architecture researcher Stefanos Levidis added: “For the very first time, we could see her entire trip, her being at the nation and the police station, since she listed it. Thus we can do spatial research and make multimedia proof demonstrating the push-back.”

“We could prove that Ayse spanned from Turkey and she had been in Chimonio police channel. She vanished then and seemed just in a prison “

Levites Erdogan’s narrative shows firsthand a young girl” crushed between two stone”, Turkey and Greece.

The movie was submitted to the public prosecutor of Orestiada, Evros, by attorneys for Erdogan.

Klotildi Prountzou, an attorney from the Greek Council for Refugees NGO, states FA’s remodeling is further evidence that the parts of the story add up.

It’s attractive a pre-trial choice in the prosecutor in December, which disregarded Erdogan’s criticism. GCR has also filed 60 photographs, screenshots, four movies and healthcare records demonstrating three Turkish asylum seekers were on Greek land.

“We’re calling the prosecutor to reexamine each of the information correctly,” the attorney told Euronews.

Turkey, which previously detained Erdogan when she had been returned in 2019, has accused her of failing to comply with her duty to stay in Turkey by heading to Greece.

A court record of authorities testimony dated August 20, 2019, acquired by Euronews, nevertheless, reveals that the Greek authorities detained three Turkish migrants for illegally entering Greece on May 4. It didn’t disclose their names or the positioning of the arrest.

Though Erdogan’s case is the first time an asylum seeker has employed audiovisual proof to sued the Greek government for sending them back into Turkey, many more instances have been reported as.

On December 12, a set of five Turkish asylum seekers turned themselves to the Greek authorities in the border city of Tycho. The people – recognized just as BG, SU, YAT, ZO, and HY – shared their place with a local attorney to request legal aid.

Nevertheless, they were unable to fulfill him. They assert that the Greek authorities took them into a police station, and then into the banks of the Evros river at a van. After assessing their luggage, IDs, and yanking their possessions, masked men pushed them on a ship back into Turkey.

Athens has categorically denied the allegations, specifying the movies and photographs printed in the media supposedly showing the clinic as”propaganda” from the nation.

Turkey opened its western boundaries into Europe in February in an attempt to induce European countries to support its army actions in Idlib, where over 70 Turkish soldiers have been killed during fighting the Russian-backed Syrian military.

“Suing the Greek government won’t allow me to forget what I have endured, but I do not need this to be disregarded as way more folks happen to be confronting the drive – backs,” she states.