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‘If Planet does nothing…’:” Pakistan PM issues veiled threat of Warfare

“Every Property is going to be countered using a rock,” Khan said in a speech at a rally in Islamabad since Pakistan observed”Kashmir Hour” to express solidarity with the Kashmiri men and women.

“We’re warning that the world that India can do something tomb in Azad Kashmir,” he explained. “I wish to inform you, Narendra Modi, that we’ll give a befitting reaction. Our armed forces are prepared,” he added.

Noting that he’d warned the world community which India would launch an assault on PoK,” Khan reported any battle involving nuclear-armed Pakistan and India would not be restricted to South Asia.

“The global community has to know that any battle involving two nuclear-armed countries will be harmful to the whole world,” he explained, adding he’d raise the issue if he addresses the UN General Assembly in September.

There was no immediate response from the Indian authorities to Khan’s opinions.

From the comment piece from The New York Times,” Khan wrote that talks with India could occur only if New Delhi” reverses” its own decision to revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s unique position, ends limitations and withdraws troops to barracks.

Khan also repeated his warning that when the planet does nothing to stop India’s conclusion on Kashmir, “there’ll be consequences for the entire planet as two nuclear-armed nations have closer to a direct military confrontation.”

He wrote: “With the atomic shadow hovering over South Asia, we realize that Pakistan and India need to go from a zero-sum mindset to start a discussion on Kashmir, various tactical matters and commerce. On Kashmir, the dialog should include all stakeholders, particularly the Kashmiris.”

Khan added: “Through dialog and discussions, the stakeholders could arrive at a workable way to end the years of suffering of the Kashmiri people and continue toward a secure and just peace in the area.

On Friday, Pakistani cities came to a standstill, and several places witnessed the most significant such demonstrations in support of Kashmir in several years. The nationwide protests started at noon. Rallies were held in just about all cities, villages, and towns.