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Immediate evacuation of migrant camps in Greece Had to Comprise coronavirus, says MSF

No-one there’s tested positive however, the unhygienic and cramped living conditions imply the virus can spread extremely fast.

MSF laments that there aren’t any outbreak response programs in place.

“In certain sections of Moria camp, there’s only 1 water faucet for every 1,300 individuals and no detergent available. Families of six need to sleep in areas of no greater than 3 m2,” MSF’s Medical Coordinator in Greece,” Dr Hilde Vochten said.

That makes it nearly impossible for people living there to follow advocated steps, such as regular hand washing and social bookmarking.

No choice but to Reside nearby

Nations globally are forbidding huge parties, nevertheless, people in those camps have nowhere to move.

MSF said on its site on Thursday that putting up migrants in these camps had been”always reckless,” warning that in the event of an outbreak that this had been”on the point of becoming criminal”

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated in a cabinet meeting that the nation’s islands have been already”overburdened with general public health problems” and has to be”doubly protected”

Also, he promised to do”whatever it takes” to protect against the virus from getting to the oceans.

Correction: In a previous version of this guide, we inaccurately reported that one person had tested positive for COVID-19. MSF in Greece has explained that nobody about the camp has tested positive.

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