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Imran Khan regrets Pak role in Afghan war,” States’at the end we Had Been blamed’

This includes days before his visit to the US along with his speech to the UNGA.

“I felt Pakistan should happen to be impartial since linking these groups turned from us,” Khan told Russia Today, an global television system. American Marines are battling the war against Taliban in Afghanistan for the last two decades.

“We dropped 70,000 people. We dropped more than a hundred billion dollars into the market. I believed it was really unfair on Pakistan,” Khan added.

The Pakistan Prime Minister further confessed that the terror groups, that have been created on the soil and financed by America to execute’jihad’ in Afghanistan, have now turned against Pakistan.

Khan added participate in America’s war against terrorism has result in some reduction of its own individuals in addition to established a crisis in the market, the consequence of that may be felt today as the cash-strapped state has asked a lot of nations and worldwide currency lenders for bailout packages to encourage its diving line.

Khan’s comments come days before his US trip where he’ll meet President Donald Trump double and will even address the UN General Assembly (UNGA) after this month.

Before, during his inaugural trip to the USA in July, Khan had made an alleged revelation that his nation still has roughly 30,000 to 40,000 militants”that were fought and trained in a component of Afghanistan or Kashmir.”

Khan had said that prior to his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government came to power, the authorities didn’t have the”political will” to disarm militant groups operating in their own soil.