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Imran Khan returns to New York as Airplane loaned by Saudi Arabia develops snag

“The prime minister had removed from New York”s Kennedy International Airport on Friday evening at a distinctive jet set at his disposal from the Saudi authorities, but it flew back in a few hours to get the issue repaired,” reports

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi, who’d previously seen off the prime minister, returned to the airport since the jet came back again. She escorted the prime minister back into the Roosevelt Hotel where he was staying throughout his inaugural excursion, the site reported.

Khan, who headed the Pakistan delegation to the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, waited in the airport for a while technicians attempted to resolve the error, but much more work was required which they’d attempt to finish it. Officials said if the airplane wasn’t repaired on Saturday, Khan could have a commercial flight back to Pakistan.

Khan, throughout his stay, dealt with the 193-member Meeting, attended UN summit meetings, fulfilled a variety of world leaders on the sidelines of this semester, such as United States President Donald Trump, addressed think-tanks and socialized with global media.

Khan was broadly criticized for carrying out a nuclear threat during his speech in the UNGA, where he left a shrill pitch for Kashmir, a problem he was attempting to scale up at all international forums without much success. Throughout his address, Khan indicated that nuclear-armed Pakistan might not have much choice if a traditional war were to split between Pakistan and India which he explained as a nation seven-times” its size. “What decision would I haveā€¦ I could struggle,” he explained.