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Imran Khan talks Kashmir Problem with UK’s Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labor pioneer Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his party’s individual rights-focused stand on Jammu and Kashmir through a dialogue with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday the day he raised the issue in the United Nations general meeting.

Participants passed a resolution about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir through its recent yearly convention, which had been reversed by India’s official spokesman in New Delhi on the floor that its place was”uninformed and unfounded”.

Corbyn said after talking to Khan: “On a telephone with Pakistan PM Imran Khan I listened to his concerns regarding the situation in Kashmir, including the continuing curfew”.

Aside from the resolution passed in the summit, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry told party members in her address: “How is it we have a Commonwealth member, India, revoking 70 decades of constitutional protections to the Kashmiri folks?”

Thornberry has expressed the party’s worries over alleged breach of human rights from the country, calling upon New Delhi to allow international monitors to the area.

The spokesman’s announcement in New Delhi the Labour’s resolution has been an effort to pander to vote-bank pursuits was reflected in an announcement from the Labour Friends of India, a lobby group within the party, following the summit.

It stated: “It’s clear that some Labour members of parliament having to make certain representations on behalf of the constituents but we don’t feel it is the area of the Labour party to prescribe a remedy”.

“We continue to think that the future governance of Kashmir is a problem to be solved peacefully and respectfully, recognizing the rights of the countries of both India and Pakistan because procedure”, it included.

London’s longstanding official stance in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by Labour and Conservative governments, is the fact that it may neither prescribe an answer nor work as a mediator, which it’s for the authorities of India and Pakistan to find a durable settlement considering the wishes of the Kashmiri men and women.

The third party’s coming yearly convention is dominated by Brexit however Prime Minister Boris Johnson explained the situation in Jammu and Kashmir as”severe” through a recent dialogue with Khan.