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In Pakistan, milk Rolls Rs 140 per litre mark, More Expensive than Gasoline

The cost of milk has gone out of control over important cities of Pakistan in the afternoon when Muharram is detected, based on Pakistani media accounts.

Interestingly, gas and gas prices in Pakistan are lower compared to that of milk. Petrol was promoting Rs 113 a liter, while diesel was 91 per liter in Pakistan, only two weeks ago.

There have been reports that milk has been sold for as large as 140 per liter in some parts of Sindh.

Throughout Moharram, Sabeels (stalls) are put up in various areas of the town to provide juices, milk and cold water into the participants of their sacred month’s processions. For this, there’s a massive requirement for milk. Due to the greater need, the milk costs have taken up.

“We put up milk Sabeel annually and simply did not wish to skip this year because of an increase in milk prices,” said a resident who put up Sabeel, including that not in his life has he seen this kind of intense price increase of milk because of Muharram.

Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani, who’s in charge of controlling the purchase price of milk, has seemingly done nothing regarding the exorbitant prices where milk has been marketed, according to reports.

Paradoxically, the official price of milk determined by this Commissioner Office remains Rs 94 per liter.