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Indian shopkeeper’s bravery wins UK Authorities award

Sibu Kuruvilla, a shopkeeper who bravely grappled with an intruder and was able to hand him over to the authorities, was commended with an award in the Chief Constable’s Award Ceremony from the east Midlands town of Leicester with a huge minority of Indian origin.

Both were able to stay calm and trigger the store’s panic alert after Nazeer was pressured behind the counter to hand money over. Even though Kuruvilla is smaller in height than Tarey, he utilized his martial arts abilities to disarm him if he started to suspect that the gun was bogus.

Kuruvilla was able to knock on the gun’ from their attacker’s hands around the ground, where it shattered. Both then worked together once, following a battle, they were able to apprehend Tarey, the Leicestershire police said.

Kurivilla’s two young daughters have been at the office in the rear of the store and observed what was happening through CCTV. One of those women was courageous enough to pass on the phone to her dad to ring the authorities when they had arrested Tarey.

The authorities said Tarey was detained and sentenced to four years in prison in Leicester Crown Court on June 2018.

He had been arrested at the scene of the final of these crimes and that I want to praise the bravery of those victims who arrested him”.

“Tarey was left with little choice other than to plead guilty, but I want to charge him for completely admitting another offense and thus bringing closure to all those additional witnesses and victims.

Kuruvilla stated after getting the award: “I did everything I did to protect my loved ones and my livelihood. We started the store as normal the morning following the assault, it was Christmas Day – that I run a neighborhood shop and individuals desired us to become open”.

“The authorities did a superb job gathering evidence from the store, we had been relieved with the prison sentence Tarey was granted and I expect that by being in prison he’s had the time to reflect about what he did along with his learned the error of his ways”.