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Indonesian woman acquitted of blasphemy for Carrying dog into mosque

Last updated on February 6, 2020

An Indonesian woman who doctors say need to get psychiatric therapy was acquitted on Wednesday of blasphemy fees for carrying a puppy into a mosque.

Suzette Margareth premiered following a panel of 3 judges in Cibinong District Court in West Java province absolved her of those fees due to her psychological health.

“The defendant can’t be convicted due to her inability to accept responsibility as she’s psychiatric ailments,” presiding judge Indra Meinantha Vidi stated in the judgment, “What she’s done was a portion of her emotional illness.”

A movie that circulated online in Muslim-majority Indonesia last July reveals a puppy running around a mosque in the West Java area of Bogor while an angry Margareth claims with stunned worshipers.

Angered conservative Muslims forced authorities to bring the case to court.

Blasphemy is a criminal offense in Indonesia using a maximum penalty of five years. The dog, that was chased from this mosque, died a day after when it had been struck by a car as members of an animal welfare team attempted to catch it.